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Camping des Lauzons fête ses 40 ans : nombreuses promotions !

The philosophy of Les Lauzons is more than a way of living. We are a long way from the big tourist industry and like to emphasize the simplicity and auhenticity of our spot. Human interaction is a key factor,  we consider it to be very important.

Terrasse Camping naturiste lauzons
Camping naturiste

Because we are above all a naturist site, we would like each person to live his/her nudity and to respect other peoples nudity. Naturism asks for flawless ethics wich we have formalized in a charter “how to live nudity at Les Lauzons”.

By visiting us you subscribe automatically our charter.

Charter : " How to live nudity at les Lauzons"

"Naturism is a way of living harmoniously with nature, expressing itself by a communal nakedness, associated with respect for oneself, others and the environment"

One might think everything is covered by these words but you’ll have to put them in the right context..We’d like to underline two aspects: nakedness and respect.

Nakedness is without any doubt an aspect of naturism. Therefore we assume that people spending their  holiday at Domaine naturiste des Lauzons subscribe to the fundamental values of naturism.

Regarding nakedness:

  • “Fashionable” at Les lauzons is the naturist uniform (complete nakedness). You’ve got over 40 hectares to practice naturism, so use them!
  • Let’s accompany our children in naturism, explain to them the principles of a naturist lifestyle. For adolescents the discovery of their new bodies is a very important phase in their lives, we should remember this and try to educate them so they can enjoy their nakedness the best way possible.
  • At the simming pool nakedness is compulsory for all. No exceptions will be made
  • For those who still have doubts: naturism has got nothing to do with eroticism and even less with sexuality. Anyone with a disrespectful conduct will be expelled: exhibitionism, voyeurism etc. Therefore it’s absolutely forbidden to take pictures without explicit authorisation.

Regarding respect :


  • When climatological, hygienic or safety circumstances ask for clothing, well.... you dress, but only then.

Respect for others

  • We should respect the rules that guarantee respect for others. Hygiene is one of the essential items for instance to put a towel on the seat when you want to sit down.
  • A holiday is a holiday for everyone, children, adults, young, old and even for your neighbours!
    Not everyone has the same rythm of life but one thing is imperative: at night it should be quiet, people need their rest. So try not to talk too loud and keep the music down
  • Animals are welcome on the conditions that they are kept on a leash at the campingsite, that they don’t bark too often and their droppings are being cleard away.

Respect for the environment

  • Natural resources are not inexhaustible so we should use them carefully by limiting the use of water and electricity and by separating refuse in the special containers.

Our charter is by no means a substitute for securityrules. Please take notice of these on the special informationboards.

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